Klean Living With….

Meet David and Stellina Katzenberg. A gorgeous, successful married couple residing in Los Angeles. David is a director and producer and Stellina is an A&R manager at Capitol Records.  They wed last summer and excitingly enough, they are expecting a child, due is less than 2 weeks! They maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising. They work out at Studeo55, a private training gym focused on high interval circuit training. Stellina also does pilates, which is one of our favorite workouts as well! We had the pleasure to chat with David and Stellina and reminisce on their Klean LA journey leading up to their wedding.

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1. What was the toughest part on adjusting from your usual diet to Klean LA?

The toughest part of adjusting from our usual diet to Klean LA was not snacking. Sticking to the plan of only eating Klean. So many temptations…

2. How many months of Klean LA did you participate in prior to your wedding? Did you manage to reach your goal and beyond?

We were on Klean almost a full year prior to our wedding. With the combination of Klean and exercise we both feel we reached our goal.

David: I think I lost 9 pounds.
Stellina: I lost 15 lbs

3.Would you consider Klean LA a major lifestyle change since you’ve been introduced to them? What changes have you seen in yourself personally – physically and mentally?

We would definitely consider Klean LA a major lifestyle change, but for the better, of course. The biggest realization for both of us was portion control. Really understanding how much food we needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4.Aside from eating healthy and keeping up on your nutrition – what’s your favorite workout activity?

David: My favorite work out activity is probably rowing.
Stellina: Pilates and circuit training

5.What’s your go-to naughty snack on your cheat days?

David: Cheat days usually include Almond Croissants.
Stellina: Frozen yogurt/Ice cream

6. Has your Klean LA experience influenced your close friends to get on the Klean LA program?

Absolutely. So many of our close friends and family have tried and love Klean LA because they’ve seen how much we love the food.

7.Favorite Klean LA meal? Juice?

David: My favorite Klean LA meal is probably the every other day morning yogurt. Sounds crazy but it’s pretty darn good. Coconut flakes and all.
Stellina: Honestly I really love all of it… I’ve even reached out and asked for a few recipes. The pumpkin soup, ground turkey anything. I love it all!

8. Do the Klean LA meals inspire you to be more creative and “clean” in the kitchen when making your own meals?

Yes, 100%!

9. How did you keep each other motivated and sane during your journey?

OUR WEDDING! Easy motivation to feel good and look good.

10. Any last encouraging words for people/couples who are contemplating Klean LA?

It’s really good and really easy!

David: I’m a director and it’s very hard to eat healthy on set but Klean LA makes it simple. I bring what I eat and that’s it.
Stellina: Similar for me, It’s hard to make healthy choices when it comes to eating at work, ordering delivery etc… I love knowing I have something delicious waiting for me every few hours!


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