Stuck in a Netflix binge? Snap out of it!

It’s summertime! It’s warm, it’s busy, and it’s supposed to be the best time of the year. So why are you stuck inside binging on another addictive show? Snap out of it and consider a change in routine and get your mind more active. Try these fun activities next time you find yourself reaching for the remote.

  1. Take a Hike: The best way to get into a new mindset is to get moving. Grab your best pals or your furry friend, and check out a hiking trail nearby. For those of you based in LA, try the Hollywood Sign Hike for a fun challenge. You’ll get amazing photos and an even better view!4a803f53acf23a56afc4b7fb1d3fb087_800x420.png
  2. Beach Bound: Grab a group and head down to the water. Be sure to pack a cooler full of Klean LA snacks and juices to keep your energy levels high! Plop an umbrella in the sand and turn up your favorite tunes. Relaxing never felt so fun.
  3. Roadtrip: Take a drive to the mountains, the desert, or any place in between. Roll down the windows and feel the summer breeze in your hair! Don’t forget a Klean LA juice for the road!IMG_9615.JPG
  4. Find Your Muse at a Museum: Art has a way of bringing us to life. Check out your local museums- often times we take them for granted. Allow yourself to appreciate the art around you!
  5. Lose Yourself in Yoga: Yoga studios are constantly popping up all over. Try a new class, or a new studio. Changing your routine up can show you what you really like in a workout!
  6. Try a Kleanse: We’ve got a few tips on how to stay motivated in your juice cleanse. Give it a try!

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