9 Tips to Stay Klean During the Holidays

The holidays are a crucial time to be mindful of maintaining your diet and exercise and also controlling all that stress. Take control and ensure that you will have the Kleanest and healthiest holiday season yet. We’ve come up with nine tips to stay Klean.

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  1. Stay on top of your exercise routine.
    • Lacey Stone Fitness: “Designed to teach you how to lead your healthiest and happiest life.” Lacey offers multiple boot-camp programs: #8WeeksToChange, #1MonthMission, #RebootCamp, #7DaysStraight, and #SweatWeek. Learn more here!
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Photo – Flywheel Sports

  1. Embrace the healthy fats.
    • It is best to avoid trans fats, which cause inflammation, and be conscious of the fats in your meals. We recommend healthy fats like grass-fed butter or organic whole milk or olive oil. If the host at your next holiday party is unaware of this, take control of your fat intake and make your own dish. (TheThirty)

healthy-holiday-diet-trends-243593-1512173952719-main.700x0c.jpg              Photo- The Thirty

  1. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages and opt for sparkling water or a juice!
    • On average, most adults consume almost 100 calories a day from alcoholic beverages. Avoid a hangover and extra calories and opt for sparkling water or cold-pressed juice! (Greatist)


  1. Load up on the veggies.
    • There are tons of nutritious plant-based, vegetable-loaded dishes for the holidays. Pass on the salty, buttery potatoes and opt for the Brussels sprouts or asparagus.
  1. Learn how to say no.
    • Don’t be peer pressured into all the desserts and savory snacks being shoved in your face. Stand your ground and learn to politely decline.
  1. Three bites and good night.
    • If you can’t resist, don’t forget the “three bite” rule. Indulge, but also set limits.

taking-a-bite-329x390_0.jpgPhoto – Shape Magazine

  1. Maintain a balance.
    • Focus on maintaining the balance of exercise with diet. Nutrition is extremely important for meeting your fitness goals. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with occasional snacks of fruits and veggies in between. Balance the correct amount of complex carbohydrates and proteins prior to exercise. (Healthline)
  1. Don’t let stress get to you.
    • Holidays are usually the most stressful time of the year. Take a step back to reevaluate where the areas of stress are coming from and take some time to carefully manage it. Take care of yourself before others. Meditate, journal, spend some me time. (Huffington Post)



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