Benefits of Dry Brushing

Although it’s the body’s largest organ, it tends to be the most neglected when it comes to maintenance and health. According to professionals such as Dr. Mercola, our skin serves important purposes, such as protecting the body from external dangers, like toxins; aiding in fighting infections; detoxification; and vitamin D production. With all the amazing things our skin does for our bodies, it only seems fair to give back and keep it healthy and fresh. Dry brushing is a simple step anyone can add to their morning routine before showering that will provide amazing benefits to not only their skin’s outward appearance, but also their body’s internal functions. Dry brushing consists of lightly brushing your dry skin using a firm, natural-hair brush in upward motions toward your heart. Skin may appear pink (but not red) afterward, which is normal.

6 benefits of dry brushing:

  1. Activates your lymphatic system, whose main function is to get rid of cellular toxins and waste
  2. Exfoliates by eliminating dead skin and clearing pores, leaving the skin softer and more radiant
  3. Promotes circulation to your skin, which improves metabolic functions and the removal of waste/toxins
  4. Reduces the visibility of cellulite by softening hard fat deposits under the skin, leaving the appearance smoother and more even
  5. Aids with stress and anxiety relief through the motion of brushing as well as by releasing muscle tension
  6. Improves kidney functions and digestion

Photo – Pimple People

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